Kanarra Falls, Feel the Rush

  • Kanarra Falls
    Kanarra Falls, (Photo by Donna M. Brown Mygypsysole.com)
  • Lizard Rock
    A lizard basks in the warm sun on one red sandstone. (Photo by Donna M. Brown)
  • Falls2
    (Photo by Donna M. Brown Mygypsysole.com)
  • falls1
    (Photo by Donna M. Brown Mygypsysole.com)
  • falls4
    (Photo by Donna M. Brown Mygypsysole.com)
  • Falls6
    (Photo by Donna M. Brown Mygypsysole.com)
  • Falls7
    (Photo by Donna M. Brown Mygypsysole.com)
  • Kanarra Falls Canyon
    There are small slot canyons on this hike. It's a cool, beautiful hike; however, check the weather and do not risk this one during a storm.

Kanarra Creek Trail Offers a Cool Break from Summer Heat

HIGHLIGHTS: BONUS: Free! Moderate hike, fabulous scenery, beautiful waterfall, breathtaking canyon, family-friendly, wildlife.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

Distance – 3.5 miles (5.6 km) roundtrip to the 1st waterfall, 3.7 miles (6.0 km) roundtrip to the 2nd waterfall
Time – 3-5 hours
Beginning Elevation – 5,625 feet
First Fall Elevation – 6,250 feet
Difficulty – Moderate
Trail – Dirt, rock, water
Bathrooms – Porta-potties located at the trailhead/parking area
When to Hike – Year around
Permits – $10 parking (bring cash)
Note: This area is prone to flash floods

Nature Heals, Take Your Medicine

Nature heals. I don’t care what ails you, you will find at least some relief in Nature. At this point you are thinking I am a granola girl, right (wait, is that a dated phrase)? You’re wrong. I’m simply determined.

On the day I made the fateful decision to “climb the falls” I was doing my best impersonation of a fit hiker-girl. The truth is, I’m well into my 50’s, pudgy (I earned every pound of this) and a little out of my league when it comes to long hikes and extremely hot men who love to take them. Yet, there I was in a canyon with a nice male friend (translation hotter than the sidewalk on the 4th of July) doing my best to personify a genuine granola girl. He saw through it.

Kanarra Falls

Kanarra Falls, (Photo by Donna M. Brown Mygypsysole.com)

Now, I give you that he was a somewhat athletic man who works hard and has very impressive muscles; and, I concede that my brain muscle is the one I work most — oh, and those around my jaw and lips (you know, the ones we all use for talking). Were I to have let my “fingers do the walking,” I might have been just fine. I type. I type a LOT. But, no. This guy and his muscular matching rottweiler wanted to go for a walk up a long canyon to the Kanarra Falls; therefore, I was all for it. Where there is a will, there’s a way.

Me: “My, it’s really a beautiful day, huh?”

Him: “Yeah, it’s a great day for a hike. Sometimes I have to get out here and explore to remind myself of why I moved to Southern Utah.”

Me: “Well, maybe we should [gasp, gasp, gasp] slow down a little and enjoy the view!”

Him: “If I move any slower they’ll bury me.”

I did not pass out. I did not die (as evidenced by the fact that I’m telling it now); and, slowly I began to relax and enjoy the view (he was in front of me and easy to see).

Parking Available

There is a parking lot specifically for Kanarra Falls hikers. The fee is $10

Entrance to Kanarra Falls is absolutely free. It’s a great family hike and the surroundings are astounding. Parking is a bit of an issue unless you don’t mind paying $10 to park in a lot established just for those who hike the falls. It’s frustrating for Kanarraville residents to find strangers’ cars parked in different places throughout the very rural community. They don’t mind sharing the Falls, but would really appreciate it if you parked in the established lot.

Although I jest about the difficulty of this hike, I found it to be moderate, really. There are some hills to climb, some water to cross and some limbs to leap over so it does require a certain level of fitness. Take it slow. Take in the fantastic sites and wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet. Once you reach the lower falls, you will find a rather rickety ladder to the upper falls. Use caution when climbing the ladder. The level of difficulty increases at this point; however, it’s worth it to reach the upper falls where many play in the water and slide down the rocks and into the bubbling water.


A lizard basks in the warm sun on one red sandstone. (Photo by Donna M. Brown)

Need a Great Hiking Stick?

I find it’s a little easier to hike sometimes with a walking stick of sorts. Need a quick and easy walking stick? Hit your local thrift store and buy yourself a couple of good old fashioned ski poles! They’re really very helpful and usually come with a strap you can attach to your wrist to keep from losing them. It can help with balance, a lot.

Take Plenty of Water

I know, I know. I shouldn’t even have to say this, but please be sure to bring plenty of water along. Al

so, take a little trail mix, dried fruit, or whatever you like to give you energy. It’s always a good idea to pack along a small first aid kit and a cell phone.

Getting to Kanarra Falls via Kanarra Creek Trail

Kanarraville Falls is located in Southern Utah. These directions begin in Cedar City, Utah.

Follow Cedar City N Main St, I-15 S and Old U.S. 91 to E 100 N St in Kanarraville
16 min (12.8 mi)

Follow E 100 N St to 250 N St
7 min (1.1 mi)

Turn left onto E 100 N St
0.4 mi

Continue onto 500 E St
0.1 mi

Continue onto 250 N St

Not far from the trail entrance you will find a parking lot on the left. The fee to park there is $10. The trail-head is well-marked

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