About Me

Meet Donna Lynne Messerly-Brown

Donna M. Brown

A Gypsy Soul.

Peace, love and laughter – that’s all I’m looking for.

My next 50 years — yes, I said 50 years — will be better than the first (and the first weren’t really all that bad)! I’m moving forward with the wisdom I have earned by surviving and celebrating all kinds of joyful, tragic, self-defeating and brilliantly heroic experiences. What a ride!

I have a gypsy soul and I simply want to go everywhere!

I surround myself with people who are positive, kind and continually striving for self-improvement. I am accepting and tend to gravitate toward those who treasure (not just tolerate) me. I’m creative, confident, independent, open-minded and intelligent. (Humble too.)

Yeah, okay … I’ve been known to have a wild side (wink).

I love to laugh and tease. I embrace my Western heritage and culture. I’m in to deep conversations, horses, hiking, laughing, photography, camping and my family. I do my best to live in a “drama-free” zone.

Willie Nelson is my musical hero. Can’t get enough of Van Morrison and like a little Neon Trees, Hinder, Ni

ckelback, Dave Mason — the list goes on and on. I’ve been known to listen to “angry woman” music — Dido, Alanis Morrissett, Enya, Dixie Chicks and the likes when the circumstance is right.

My favorite professions are varied and so is my experience. Some of the more notable ones in my mind include:
Number One Sheep Pen Cleaner during lambing season
sheep herder
Utah journalist
national magazine managing editor
chamber of commerce executive
social media marketing specialist

My least favorite job? Skinning mink pelts, hands down.

I’m a great cook, financially independent and have a heart the size of Texas.